Q & A 

Q: When can I start purchasing cannabis from Breeze?

A: ​Right now!  We've been serving the general public since October 1, 2015,  but originally only for dried flower (up to 7g per day), seeds, and immature plants. Starting October 1st 2016, we could serve all adults with a wide variety of products - edibles, extracts, and more.

Q: Should I continue to be a patient?

A:  Great question, but one I can't completely answer for you. Let me tell you what I know.  
The general public can purchase almost the same items and amounts as medical patients, except a few items like higher potency edibles over 50mg THC. There are also steep taxes set on the general public, but not on patients.  Starting January 1st 2017, we have to charge the general public 20% tax on any THC product. If you estimate your need for cannabis annually, you may find the fee to be a patient is less expensive for you then paying the per item tax rate for a whole year. 

I will continue to advocate for patients and patient rights. I've written a few letters to policy makers asking them to keep prices low for patients and to force insurance companies in Oregon to help contribute or offset the price of cannabis for patients as the herb helps so many patients decrease their overall healthcare cost. If you have a debilitating medical condition it is not fair that you as a patient have to carry the cost of medical cannabis, a financial burden for many, all on your shoulders.

Brie Malarkey is the owner and founder of Breeze Botanicals. On this page she outlines her thoughts on serving cannabis recreationally to all adults.

We've had a lot of questions from both current medical marijuana patients and the general public about why Breeze Botanicals serves all adults here in Oregon.  A few patients expressed concerns in the beginning about how we would ensure their needs were met while helping the general public. Although a fair concern, we have shown in the first year of recreational sales that we are still committed to serving the needs of those with medical conditions.
At Breeze Botanicals, we are a team of herbalists and lovers of natural, holistic plant medicine.  With over 40 different medicinal herbs in our dispensary, we've embraced cannabis as "the most medicinal plant in the world" along side other healing herbs all organically grown here in the Rogue Valley. We will always focus on healing herbs at our dispensaries.
I suppose it's all about how you look at who uses cannabis and why. I would argue the majority of people who use cannabis are seeking relief from some ailment - from big concerns like cancer or smaller ones like joint pain or anxiety. Whether a cream for arthritis; a smoke at the end of a hard day to unwind; or a tincture to calm nerves, cannabis has too many uses to be specific to one symptom.

I routinely see people using cannabis for spiritual enlightenment in journeys of self discovery - one could argue this is simply medicine for the soul.  A medicinal herb for a complete human: the mind-body dualism we as a species have fought to understand since the dawn of time. 
Over the past three plus years I've met wonderful people - some I could welcome into the dispensary to assist with cannabis because they had an OMMP card - some I could not help with cannabis because they were not legal card holders.  Of the later group I came across, there were typically three common reasons why somebody did not have their card. Let me explain.

  1. Lack of Time - I can't tell you how many people have walked into my dispensary seeking help with cannabis because they've just received a serious diagnosis.  "Brie I've just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Help me."  I have to turn them away because they don't have an OMMP card.  The process takes 3-5 weeks before they have a card in their hand and can enter the dispensary.  Many of these people don't have the time.  At Breeze we want to be able to help all adults who now have the freedom to choose cannabis from the moment they want to explore the herb.
  2. Fear of Judgement - Many people are interested in trying cannabis for what they would call a minor ailment.  They want a natural plant option for arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, ADD, ect but are afraid their church, employer, friends, community members, ect will judge them.  They are afraid of being on a list for fear of repercussions from their government for the choice to try cannabis.  At Breeze we want to be able to help all adults without fear of judgement -the freedom for them to explore this natural herb without being on a state list of patients.
  3. Limited Funds -  Many people can't afford the expensive annual fees required to prove and obtain a medical marijuana card. I really noticed this at our #FREEtheWEED event on July 1st 2015 in Ashland.  Many, many, many people were low income folks with obvious medical conditions that couldn't afford to go through the expensive bureaucratic steps of getting an OMMP card.  Even though the program itself discounts fees for people on supplemental nutrition assistance, many people can't afford the high fees to go to a clinic as many doctors still WON'T recommend cannabis use.

To make a long story short, we love helping all explore plant medicine. If you have any suggestions or feedback on our plan to help all adults in the Rogue Valley please let me know.  We can only get better and welcome your thoughts! Contact Us Here.

Brie's Thoughts on Adult-Use Cannabis in Oregon