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Breeze Botanicals focuses on supporting our Local Community by carrying organically grown medicinal herbs from Southern Oregon Farmers.

We believe strongly in working together with Local Farmers, Artists, and Businesses a like to help educate and facilitate a Safe Access Point for all consumers interested in holistic healing herbs from our region, including medicinal cannabis.  All our cannabis products are tested for over 15 different cannabinoids, terpenes (cannabis flower essential oil) as well as for an extended Pesticide panel.

Breeze Botanicals works very hard to make sure you know exactly what you are consuming.

Give your body what it deserves: Organic, Sun Grown Herbs!

Below are our current Cannabis Menus for our Ashland location with information on our cannabis products and other bulk herbs. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.     

Please Note: Menu prices do not include state of Oregon & City tax totaling 20%  

(OMMP Patients Exempt)