Herbalist/Cannabis Consultant

Posted: June 1st
Location: Ashland & Gold Hill
Phone: 541-708-6446 (Ashland) & 541-855-8797 (Gold Hill)

Looking for professional, career minded, Herbalist/Cannabis Consultant to join our team at Breeze Botanicals in both Ashland and Gold Hill. This full-time position will be split between both locations and may be available as a part-time position at each location depending on the applicant's professional goals.  
Must have knowledge of healing plants wildcrafted and cultivated in Southern Oregon including cannabis. The Breeze Herbalist/Cannabis Consultant must have experience working with customers and believe in amazing customer care as a foundation of the organizations success.  Additionally this position includes working with our sister company Sun God Medicinals to formulate products and consult with customers who use the company's products.

  • High interest in collaborative healthcare with a passion about health and wellness including cannabis as a botanical medicine.
  • Skilled knowledge in mixing/dispensing custom products accurately and efficiently with the ability to remain focused and organized
  • Strong time management skills and capable of establishing priorities in a busy environment.
  • Strong work ethic as this is a fast paced industry, and be willing to help in all dispensary roles as a team player when not doing consultative sales.
  • Deals gracefully and effectively with confidential matters and shifting customer and practitioner priorities.
  • Strong self-awareness and emotional intelligence necessary for working with people who may be very ill.
  • Exceptional communication skills and customer service.
  • High level of personal accountability using good judgment, resourcefulness, solid decision making skills and a willingness to adopt new ideas.
  • Be able to follow Oregon cannabis rules and regulations to the letter of the law.
  • Energetic, focused and positive attitude in all situations.
  • Maintains a professional appearance and manner in dealing with internal and external individuals and requests.
  • Service-minded and committed to the mission of the organization.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (including Excel) and other business tools and applications relative to ensuring smooth daily operations.

Minimum Qualifications:

  •  Trained herbalist or practitioner with equivalent qualifications 
  • 2-3+ years’ experience actively working as herbalist in a dispensary or clinic setting 
  • Foundational knowledge in naturopathic and cannabis medicine

All team members are required to pass a criminal background check before employment.

Please email your resume with cover letter describing your experience and training, and desired pay range to - No applicants will be considered if they do not follow these directions.

Dispensary Management Trainee


Location: Ashland & Gold Hill

Phone: 541-708-6446 (Ashland) & 541-855-8797 (Gold Hill)

We are looking for a professional, career-minded management trainee to join our team at Breeze Botanicals in Ashland and Gold Hill. Must have extensive knowledge of cannabis and other healing plants wildcrafted and cultivated in Southern Oregon. The management trainee will participate in all stages of store management including purchasing, inventory, human resource, marketing and, of course, working to provide an amazing customer service experience.

Applicants must be: a great customer service representative, a team player willing to help in all roles, hard working, extremely honest, and able to follow the Oregon Medical Marijuana program to the letter of the law.

Please note: This position is not a traditional "budtender" as found in other dispensaries. We are looking for somebody who is willing to start from the bottom and work their way up into management and grow with the Breeze team.

Production Assistant
Posted:No Open Positions At This Time.
Location: 340 E. Vilas Rd Medford, OR 97502
Phone: 541-423-8080
Looking for an entry-level, part-time production assistant to help make products at our production headquarters in Medford.  Must be detail oriented with attention to accurate product creation. This includes excellent math skills, an understanding of the metric system, understanding scales, and work to minimize loss. The ideal candidate is a quick learner who sincerely cares about producing the best herbal medicine for our patients.  Must work well in a fast paced team environment that may include multiple direction changes - multi-tasking is essential.  Must also have a good work ethic, be professionally groomed, and extremely honest.  Duties include, but are not limited to, trimming flowers, blending teas, making tinctures, packaging various herbs.  May include computer work making labels and printing barcodes.


All team members are required to pass a criminal background check before employment.

Please send cover letter and resume describing your experience and training and desired pay range - No applicants will be considered if they do not follow these directions.

About Breeze Botanicals: With a mission to support Southern Oregon farmers, food producers, and artists we operate a boutique, herb dispensary, and accessory room in Gold Hill, Oregon. We are dedicated to providing lab-tested, affordable, high quality herbs, including cannabis, to patients in Southern Oregon. All our products are either certified organic or inspected for sustainable, natural growing techniques.