When it's time to place your order, please print the below forms and bring them in with your deposit and we will get your custom compounded order started!

Need a Custom Herbal Tea, Tincture, or Elixir? 
Although we offer suggested blends for various symptom relief, sometimes a more specific combination is needed for a person who might have an allergy or simply desires different herbs. As of October 2015 you can order a custom tincture blend at Breeze Botanicals from our available herbs!
STEPS for Custom Compounding:

  1. Simply come in and select from our available herbs to place your order.  In the near future we will have an online compounding order form, but for now we require you to be in the store when compounding orders are placed. This offering does not allow for consultations, so please know what herbs you want at the time of your order.
  2. Pay a $20 compounding deposit and we will compound your order.
  3. Please allow 3 days for an herbal tea blend and up to 5 days for an herbal tincture/elixir. 

The final price will include a $5 compounding fee for teas and $10 for tinctures and the price of the herbs per gram for tea and per mL for tinctures and elixirs. Please email info@breezebotanicals.com or herbalist@breezebotanicals.com with any questions.

Compounding Herbs: Making Custom Blends

Why we Compound...

     Americans pride themselves on being ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to scientific and medical advances, but, although the US market for botanicals and herbal medicines is rapidly growing, we are a couple of centuries behind Europe and many centuries behind Asia. There is great benefit to be reaped from traditional herbal compounds which once formed the basis of traditional Western medicine. Herbs and herbal products are considered botanical medicines, as opposed to pharmaceutical medicines (even though many pharmaceuticals, like aspirin, were originally plant based).
     Today individual herbs are among the most widely used of all herbal products in this country, but we are way behind Europeans and Asians in utilizing the bounty of botanicals to their fullest extent, mainly due to ignorance and lack of information about the benefits (including ease of use) of herbal compounds.
     Compounding refers to the process of combining various herbs in a balanced formula to treat specific problems, or to act as a whole-body or body-system tonic. Some formulas, particularly Chinese and Ayurvedic ones, have been used for more than a thousand years - quite a testament to their effectiveness!

     Unlike "modern" medicine which treats specific symptoms or diseases, the aim of herbal compounding is not only to ease symptoms and "cure" the patient, but also to create a positive change and rebalance the body so that long-lasting relief can be attained and maintained.
     There is a real art to compounding, as the Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal traditions have demonstrated for many centuries. In these traditions compounds have been developed very methodically, starting with a careful diagnosis of the problem and identifying the underlying manifestations of the condition being treated. In clinical practice, herbalists tailor each formula to the specific patient.

     We offer private consultations with our herbalists to help consumers in Southern Oregon find the right herbs for the right symptoms and to help consumers identify specific underlying conditions.  What we offer today are individual herbal extracts made in house for you with custom compounded orders. Breeze Botanicals is here to help you as we source organically grown, sustainably harvested herbs from the Rogue Valley for your compounding needs. Please feel free to call either location for any custom compounding questions.