Greenway Medibles

Grants Pass, Oregon

The CO2 Company

Ashland, Oregon

Om Farms & Om Extracts

Applegate Valley, Oregon

​OM Farms is a Clean Green Certified Cannabis farm, utilizing organic farming principles to grow healthy soil and protect their watershed while they grow our crops. Their farms are in Southern Oregon in the Applegate Valley at 1500’ elevation, with an ideal climate for producing top-quality Cannabis outdoors and in greenhouses.

Sandie's Candies & More

Gold Hill, Oregon

Sandies Candies is a grassroots start up, locally owned and operated cannabis products manufacturer.

Sunna Ra Acres

Shady Cove, Oregon

Organically grown medicinal herbs grown as nature intended. Cultivating hops, cannabis,

peppermint, calendula, motherwort, catnip, spearmint, anise hysop, chamomile, and lemon

balm.  Wildcrafting Oregon Grape Root, St. John's Wort, and Willow Bark.

Medicine Works

Grants Pass, Oregon

Artisan oils infused with organically grown cannabis

We work with many great farmers, herb growers, and wild crafters from the Rogue Valley.  Below are just a few of our farming partners.  We're all working hard to bring healing herbs to patients of Southern Oregon.

Click on the processor or producer's logo to visit their website.

Sun God Medicinals

Gold Hill, Oregon

Sun God Medicinals is a line of herbal medicine products utilizing herbs and plants cultivated and wild-crafted in Southern Oregon; including cannabis, Oregon grape, St, John's wort, hops, chamomile, echinacea, burdock, valerian, motherwort, yarrow, and much more! 

We work hard to find the right herbs/strains for the right symptoms for the right person!  Our line of products includes tinctures, elixirs, vape extracts, concentrates, herbal teas, and topicals.  

Green Source Gardens

Jacksonville, Oregon

Their healthy vibrant plants are a result of careful genetic selection and no-till farm based soil building techniques. Green Source Seeds has been practicing no-till growing for over 10 years. By keeping the soil intact and not tilling, it allows the dirt to form a rich soil ecology. This life in the soil naturally produces the fertilizers the plant needs, which replaces using industrialized soil amendments. This process produces the highest and purest quality plant products possible. Green Source Seeds currently cultivates several different cannabis strains, including Extra Terrestrial Vehicle, Black Goo Berry, Black Jack, Shiva's Cheeba, and Ras Berry.

Oregon Green Remedies

Grants Pass, Oregon

Nature's Best Remedies locally grown.  Expert cannabis oil processors made in the Rick Simpson Oil fashion.