Plant Your Own Garden!

        Featuring: Down to Earth Garden Amendments
Breeze Botanicals Ashland & Gold Hill are very pleased to carry Down to Earth amendments at both stores. This local (Eugene area) natural and organic product line is well-balanced with compostable packaging!  The water soluble line is amazing and easy to use.  Below are notes from our farm to help guide all our patients that are new to growing! 
All Purpose General Purpose Fertilizer
Use: Rebuild soil - use at every transplant. Top dressing during growing season.
Boxed: for soil application only.
Liquid: concentrated for addition to water. Conservatively follow mixing and instructions and use as part of feeding schedule.

Bio Live

A balanced combination of organic fertilizer and Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria.
Use: Jump start soil life and microbial activity. Mix into soil weeks prior to planting. Apply at every transplant to stimulate strong root growth and an effective nutrient path from the soil to plant.

Soluble root Grow Enhancer

Eleven species of mycorrhizal fungi and humic acids Water soluble for instant application to enhance root growth, nutrient and water uptake.
Use: Dissolve in water and apply at any stage development of plant.

Liquid Micronutrient 

Five essential micronutrients Boron Copper Iron Manganese and Zinc. Remains in soil until needed for uptake. Concentrated for water application.
Use: Apply once at beginning for season and once mid season.

Bat Guano 9-3-1

Rich in readily available Nitrogen and Phosphorus and micronutrients.
Use: Throughout growing season as top dressing or steep in water as a tea.


Professional grade water soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer derived from non-GMO vegetable proteins (no animal proteins.)
Use: Throughout growing season for a fast acting effective growth enhancer. Apply as a foliar spray or in soil applications.

Fish Powder 

Premium quality solution grade high nitrogen fertilizer.
Use: Throughout growing season for a fast acting effective growth enhancer. Combine with Kelp and other soluble nutrients as part of a comprehensive fertility program.


Professional grade water soluble dehydrated seaweed extract.
Use: Throughout growing and flowering seasons as a foliar or soil applied solution to combat plant stress, stimulate root development, shoot growth, and bud initiation. Maximizes plant growth and improves harvest quality and yield.

Neem Seed Meal

An excellent way to strengthen root systems improve plant immunity an balance nutrient levels.
Use: throughout growing season as a top dressing or steep into a tea.

Sea Bird Guano 0-12-0 

Powerhouse source of organic nutrients. Dramatically improves all stages of plant development from planting to harvest.
Use: Throughout growing season as a top dressing or steep in tea for foliar spray.

Bat Guano 0-7-0 

Excellent source of phosphorus and Calcium to promote exceptional flower development.
Use: Mix into soil, apply as a top dressing, or steep into tea for foliar spray.