Patient Testimonials

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"Thank you for being an awesome dispensary!" - Lindsay

"Keep that great energy rolling, wishing you the very best and will support you all in any way I can. Your service was outstanding, pleasant, and just plain comfortable!" - via email from Rick in Medford, Oregon.

"This place rocks! What a Life Saver!" - David

​"I want to thank you for your new product, Sun God Medicinals THCa Cannabis Oil. I have been using the oil on my painful joints and sore muscles with relief for the last two weeks. I also discovered that the oil has helped with spasms in my legs. It is great that I can carry this with me and use as I need it. One other thing, the Organic Olive Oil and dropper makes it possible to use only a very small amount. Also a thank you to your wonderful and informed staff. I am so grateful that you have made this item for us." - JJ in Trail, Oregon

"Love how you have the bags and so much product to offer!" - George

"Your business was remarkably professional, compassionate, and exactly the sort of place I would go to get my medication. Cannabis saved this 26 year old's life, so my gratitude for you and your business is immense." - via email from Bree in Talent, Oregon

"I love it here!" - Gary

"I wanted to say thank you and your staff for being very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for being there for us." - via Facebook from Cynthia.

"Awesome! Love Brie's Blog!!" - Daniel

"I wanted to thank all of you. I have been having terrible sleep issues and it has been extremely difficult to find the right product to help. I was in on Monday and Joe recommended the Hypnos tincture [from Sun God Medicinals]. Each of the two nights so far I have been able to sleep for 5 hours straight without waking up and actually feel refreshed and rested. It has been a while since that has happened! Thank you for all of your work and help! I appreciate it so much." - via email from Jason

"Thank you for being such a wonderful place to come and visit and for supporting the cause." - Kristen

"We love you guys!!" - Stacy & Woody

"Best dispensary in Oregon!" - Leah

​​​"Beginning a month ago I started taking out all pain perscriptions the dr.'s have had me on for 8 years, to go all natural with your help. Thank you so much for offering so much info and counseling at Breeze for your products. They have helped me immensly in this process. Your store has made this process way more bareable for sure. Thank You so much for being open!" - Tiffany, Medford Oregon April 30, 2015

"I approached Breeze Botanicals because it was a new dispensary at the time and I was curious, as I have not had too great of experiences at previous dispensaries in the area.  I've had surgery in my frontal lobe due to angio fibroma tumors causing me major headaches, I also suffer from muscular skeletal hypothermia which causes full body pain, chronic nausea & shakes due to neurological damage. Breeze has helped me by welcoming me into their business and offering a variety of medicinal products including Oregon Green Remedies Gold Rush cannabis oil (a sativa blend).  In result this oil has improved all of my issues tremendously and as an added benefit has given me energy throughout the day. I like the fact that the oils here are consistent.  There are many more products that Breeze carries that have helped me with these symptoms. I would recommend Breeze because they are friendly, professional and offer so many helpful products.  Thank you. Sincerely, Pain Free Patient" - June 9th, 2015