2018 Purchasing Policy

for infused products and extracts

Thank you for your interest in selling OLCC licensed, Oregon processed cannabis to Breeze Botanicals. Please see our philosophy above on products we would like to carry for our customers to explore.
Please email us at info@breezebotanicals.com with information on your currently available tested products (along with a copy of test results). Please include product details along with a picture of your products.  Thank you.

Winter 2018:  We are currently looking to establish relationships with OLCC licensed,  small batch, Southern Oregon growers who practice all organic techniques and test for terpenes. However, please note we are not purchasing at this time from new farmers. We encourage farmers to fill out our vendor forms for consideration in late spring 2018.

If you have feel you meet our need please Contact Us.

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2018 Purchasing Policy

for cannabis flower

Thank you for your interest in selling OLCC licensed, Southern Oregon grown cannabis to Breeze Botanicals. Below is a brief outline of our purchasing procedure. We ask you follow our procedure below to make the best use of everyone's time.

Disclaimer: Our mission is to support Southern Oregon farmers, food producers, and artists.  Please do not contact us if you do not live and grow in Southern Oregon. Furthermore, we only consider organic products which must meet our standards. If you feel confident that your growing methods are strictly organic, please read on.

First email us at info@breezebotanicals.com with information on your currently available, batch tested products (along with a copy of test results with terpene testing). Please include strain details and tell us how you grow (i.e. indoor vs outdoor, inputs/ingredients, farming philosophy, ect.)

  1. You must get your product batch tested at an OLCC approved laboratory and follow all state rules and guidelines.
  2. Please note we require Full Compliance Testing with the state and terpene testing on all flowers. 
  3. We will reply to your email with our required forms, including our grower profile form plus our organic standards document for your review. We cannot accept medicinal products with our current dispensary licensing.
  4. Once you have test results, email them to us along with your completed Grower Profile. Please detail the quantity of each strain available of "A" Buds (ready for the shelf, well manicured), Popcorn Buds ("B" buds for making extract) and Trim (for making extract), along with price per pound.
  5. If we are interested we will contact you to make an appointment to tour your farm.  If we believe you meet our standards, an additional  appointment will be made too evaluate the product. At that time, we will review and discuss all forms and answer any further questions you may have. Please understand there is no guarantee that your batch will be purchased by Breeze Botanicals.